Dear friends and members, will be shutting down its operations within a week.

Over the period of time maintaining has became a burden and it cost a lot to host the server and its contents. has been an amazing platform that contributed relatively to the Chinese Fediverse community.

In this 1 year and 2 months of operation, has stand still against the communist tyranny. However, due to the disinterest to continue maintaining the instance, sadly it is time to say goodbye.

Your data stored on this instance will keep private, and will be deleted permanently.

Yet sent notes and pictures are available on different Fediverse instances. Those will be maintained by third-party. I claim no responsible for them.

As one tale ends.. so another begins.

I hope the Fediverse community to be alive for several decades and continue its mission.

Thanks to all members, developers and contributors who donated all these time to keep alive.

Take care, Augustine Inori Takiyama ( & Sutera Chinen (

12 Aug 2021